Hurricanes in Ohio

I’ve lived in Ohio my whole life and today was another Ohio first for me. Hurricane Sandy, a Frankenstorm, they say, moved in last night and took up residence for a few days in NE Ohio. High winds, rain, and flooding were enough for most school districts and businesses in the area to wave the white flag, so I joined suit and took the day off. For me that meant a day off with power.  What can I say?  I live in no man’s land and for once my remote hillside equated with security and electricity to boot. I feel a bit guilty at my fortune as I watch the storm on TV. But, I needed this break and it feels like a much needed staycation rather than tragedy.

I have accomplished all the required activities of a pajama day at home. I watched all sorts of daytime TV, played with the dog, ate lunch in my kitchen, wrote countless emails to “catch up” on correspondence and of course cruised Facebook without guilt. Best of all, I remembered I had this blog, patiently waiting for a moment when creativity would be allowed its moment in my generally overcrowded schedule.

Today I learned that ABC has a new talk show that follows “The View” called, “The Chew”. I now have a new resource for recipes. I also bore witness to The View’s 3,000th show and ached for Michael J. Fox as the evidence of his Parkinson’s ruled his visit with the ladies on today’s show. I met Kelly’s new co-host who replaced Regis this past Fall. I had time to remember my former life of stay-at-home Mom and enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I became a bit nostalgic for the little faces that used to surround my days at home,  now off in college classes.

Life is always sending forth reasons to spin out of control. But today, a hurricane blew into my hometown stirring up some much needed personal relaxation. I found some time I had thought I lost. It was time claimed to re-focus, so I can “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Welcome to my life and my blog!


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